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Research shows that the number of users utilizing the Salesforce CRM has crossed 5 million. It is also found that more 75% of the Fortune 100 organizations are using some of the other Salesforce application. So, isn’t it a great opportunity for the marketers and vendors whose forte focuses on the Salesforce CRM? Hence, to help these marketers get accurate contact details, B2B Scorpion provide an all-inclusive list of companies using Salesforce. We can also help you to connect with the top decision-makers from this sector by providing customized Salesforce Users List. So, start planning qualified multichannel marketing and witness how your leads start growing.

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Our Salesforce Users List is known for its

  • Versatility and user-friendliness
  • Reach Qualified Marketing Leads
  • Ability to entice the customers’ interest
  • Have access to over 1 Million Salesforce users

We Source our Salesforce Users List from:

B2B Scorpion accumulates tested data from dependable sources. We double-verify the data through calls and emails. Also, we study the yearly reports of different companies to recognize the target market trends. Our data experts study the white papers, income tax filings, and stock market data to come up with quality contact details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To buy a genuine Salesforce Users List, all you need to be assured of your targeting audiences. Once you have prepared the marketing model, you can easily customize the list based on your targeted demographic, profession, company, and more. Therefore, use the list to amplify the business reach and generate more leads.

B2B Scorpion is one of the best in the market. With 95% of availability, they are high on the position and marketers prefer for their business. Salesforce is a huge company, and their user lists are highly on demand. So, start exploring the pool of Salesforce users using the Salesforce Users List from B2B Scorpion.

Based on the targeted audience and demographics on preference, marketers can tailor their Salesforce Users List by Zip code as well. So, with proper research and experience, business professionals can be highly filtered and sales response can have immense growth.

Salesforce is a reputed company with millions of business using their services for better businesses. So, to boost the marketing availability, availing Salesforce Users List for businesses can be a useful method. It is a time-saver, and efficient. So, to get a comprehensive user list, is the best option.

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