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In this century of globalization, there are new businesses rising in every industry. The New Business Listings from B2B Scorpion is a comprehensive email list of newly risen businesses all over the world. This email list covers nearly every sector and is categorized according to industry, size and service usage. The New Business Lists is a versatile tool for marketers. With its divisions, it lets marketers know the preferences and needs of the businesses on the list. This allows marketers to promote relevant products to appropriate businesses. Such a knowledgeable approach to multichannel marketing has always yielded greater results in terms of leads converted and customers retained. It is simple, if the advertiser is aware of customer requirements, they can promote the ideal products. Moreover, the list also facilitates multi-channel marketing with its comprehensive information. Purchase the New Businesses Database and enhance your ROI.

New Business Listings

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Features of our New Business Listings

  • The email list is quite affordable in addition to being very customizable
  • It is data-rich with complete contact information for businesses as well as their owners
  • Very accurate in addition to having appropriate segments
  • Extremely vast with up-to-date details of thousands of companies

Why Purchase New Business Listings from B2B Scorpion?

We, at B2B Scorpion, have an impeccable track record of providing sound market intelligence for a long time. We know it is a necessity in marketing. Our lists such as New Business Listings provide a vast collection of highly promising leads with knowledge of their requirements. We glean all of our mailing lists after an extensive research into economics, market value, share price as well as demographics. Join us to enhance your click-throughs and inbox placements in addition to increasing your ROI and lead conversions.

What types of files, the online tool supports?

Our online tool can process spreadsheets that contain up to 50,000 rows and 100 columns; the maximum file size is 30MB. Acceptable file types are CSV, XLS, XLSX, and tab delimited. Apart from that, you can contact the professionals to enlarge the file. Thus, customizing a database will be effective and targeting your audience according to demographic and prospects can be very helpful.

So, connect with us directly by calling +1 866-978-5544. Furthermore, you can email us at to know more about the New Business Listings.