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What is ERP ?

Enterprise Resource Planning, commonly known as ERP, helps in the integrated management of the business processes. One can collect, manage, and interpret data using this real-time software technology. Since the ERP market has gained a lot of popularity in no time, you can reach out the specific audience using the qualified List of Companies Using ERP.

Why ERP Users Mailing Lists?

If you really want to target the huge ERP markets, then you are on the right path. The Well researched ERP users mailing list, coupled with a great marketing campaign can make wonders for your products. Apart from being cost-effective, ERP Users Mailing list also helps you to reach out to the targeted audience. We will guide you in every footstep, from reviewing to monitoring your campaign. Also, we provide an accurate list to maximize your sales output and increase your profit in every aspect.


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ERP Users Mailing List Includes

Expand Your Business with ERP Users Email list

Majority of our data partners are well-established in Europe, Asia, North America, New Zealand, Africa, the Middle East, and South America etc. Our B2B Scorpion is strongly positioned to help you smoothly and continuously communicate with your potential market and the point at which a recipient of a marketing message performs the desired actions.

We offer you the pre-packaged as well as customized ERP Users mailing lists that will suit your business specific goals. B2B Scorpion is well established with a strong team of data scientists, analyst and experts who ensure to keep data authentic, dependable and result oriented etc.


Buy Country wise ERP Users Email List

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Canada ERP Users Email Lists France ERP Customers Database
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Malaysia ERP Users Directory Singapore ERP Users Email Lists
Germany ERP Customers Email List Sweden ERP Customers Directory
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Manually verified data for Better Accuracy

ERP Users Email database is the incredible and one-stop platform to get in touch with our subscribers and likelihood of some future event occurring nationally. We offer an extensive large group of things or people especially one that is attractive of business lists qualifiers that will help you to create the ideal mailing lists of ERP Users. At B2B Scorpion, you will be able to reach a list of decision makers for business development as well as reach corporates who use ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and many more.

Boost your Marketing Strategies

B2B Scorpion’s segmented company lists will help you to design your plan of actions and sell a product or services to reach the right market segment also to achieve higher sales. Utilize our simple online application where you can find, purchase and download our mailing lists. Give your marketing the fact that a company has an advantage over its competitors by opting for B2B Scorpion’s highly responsive ERP Users Email List and acquire qualified leads that convert.

Data Analytics for ERP Users Mailing Lists

United States United Kingdom Singapore Middle East Asia South America Europe
No of Companies 40,567 34,567 23,670 28,450 3,500 600 3,510
C Level Contacts 5,67,387 4,23,780 1,45,237 87,561 9,336 1,260 8,400
Job Titles 8,56,439 75,780 23,645 15,780 13,170 1,270 10,280
IT Contacts 7,560 5,754 2,670 1,278 4,490 385 3,780


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