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While doing any advertising campaign you require sufficient data to engage your potential clients. Only if you have exact email addresses, phone numbers, and direct locations, that is when you can increase ideal outcomes from the advertising strategies. Since there is every possibility that the email IDs change over time, so instead of deciding to get another database of prospects you can use B2B Email Append Service by B2B Scorpion to enhance the quality of your database. We have a group of experts to discover the exact email IDs and to email append your database.

Email Append

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Our Email Append Service is known for its-

  • Efficiency and improved click-through-rate
  • Better response when used with focused advertising strategies
  • Ability to engage more potential clients
  • Apt for improving the brand awareness

We perform Email Append Service after:

  • Proper research of the target market
  • Understanding the potential customers
  • Steering proper matching with the master database
  • Manual cross-verification

Why will Email Append Service from B2B Scorpion be the right choice?

B2B Scorpion helps you get the accurate contact details while doing email appends after matching the database provided by you with our in-house database containing verified email addresses of the millions of businesses and individuals. We have been doing this process for a long time and so we are known among our customers for the same. We help you connect and promote your business among the potential customers by doing accurate email append. In case you are missing out some of the crucial information necessary to improve brand awareness and customer reach, our B2B Email Append Service can be advantageous to you. So, join us and we will revive your data.

The Fields included in our lists are:

  • Fax and Telephone Numbers
  • Last name
  • First name
  • Email ID
  • Company address
  • Company name
  • Contact Address
  • Employee Details
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Country

What will be the turnaround time, after uploading the files?

Timeframes will vary for larger orders requiring the assistance of a marketing expert depending on the file size. However, the processing times can range from a few minutes to a few hours. Because of the re-verification process by the providers, for the database to have better accuracy and deliverance.

Connect with us directly by calling +1 866-978-5544 or mail us at to know more about the B2B Email Append Service.