About us

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About us

Launched in 2010 with its headquarter in New York City, United States; B2B Scorpion holds it position among the top list brokers in North America. With our exceptional data solutions and lead generation services, we create the perfect forum for each of our client to multiply their business opportunities across the world. In today's digitalized globe, email lists have started playing an imperative role in connecting brands with their relevant customers. At B2B Scorpion, we comprehend this truth very well and assist our customers to build their business empire with maximum connections.

Since our inception, we have rendered our services and products with the intension for a better marketing place. Each year we are investing in innovative technologies and talented manpower, to offer our clients with what we promise. Moreover, we have access to some of the best sources to provide customers with USA companies lists that will assure to generate the best and most valuable business leads. Irrespective of your business goals, we possess the aptitude to craft in mailing lists that will boost your brand image through premium email marketing leads.

Thus if you happen to be a marketer in search of premium email list for successful lead generation, forget not that B2B Scorpion can guide with the best data solutions.

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